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Best Features of Cell Phone Cases for iPhone 5

cell phone cases for iPhone 5You may not realize it, but just a decade ago, cell phone cases were considered an uncommon luxury that was reserved for people with a lot of discretionary spending money. Today, cell phone cases for iPhone 5 are a necessity for the world’s growing mobile lifestyle. Today, more than ever, people rely on their mobile phone to communicate. They use these phones to talk with family and to even conduct business. But whether you use your phone for personal or for business reasons, you need something to protect it. Choosing this type of protection may seem straightforward, but there are several important features that you should really consider.  (more…)

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How to Make Extra Money and Find a Recycling Center

For the past few years, the global economy has suffered a recession. The jobs, saving, and security that millions of people have lost will take decades more to tabulate. In 2007, the housing market began to collapse in America. For most people, this came as a huge, unwelcome surprise. The decade previous, the 1990s, was filled with prosperity created by the technology and Internet booms. Most people had become accustomed to the jobs and opportunity created by the advent of the PC. If you’re one of the scores of people who have been negatively affected by this Great Recession, read on. This article will tell you how you can make extra income by selling unwanted items online and recycling unwanted objects at a Houston recycling center, or a recycling plant near the area where you are currently living.

Deciding and Organizing

When you go through the storage areas in your home, be critical of how likely you are to use or want objects in the future. Homeowners tend to accumulate a lot of stuff they will never really need. If you’ve stashed gifts that you never opened or extra possessions you think you might have use for in the future, the best thing to do when you need money is to sell them. You can always get these sorts of possessions, and chances are you will not miss them. After going through the things you don’t want, separate them into piles to be sold or recycled. You can list items online, on sites like eBay and Amazon, where millions of potential buyers can see them.

Making Money from Recycling

Another way to make extra cash is to find scrap metal in your garage or yard. Metal can be melted down to make other objects and tools. A Houston recycling center, or recycling plant in your area, will pay per pound of various metals. Check what types of metals they accept, and make sure you go to a reputable scrap yard or center.

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Tips for Choosing Office Phone Systems

Choosing the right office phone systems for Bellingham businesses is more than looking for the cheapest deal. Your phone system is the lifeline of your company. Without a reliable phone that addresses the needs of your company you could find yourself dealing with angry customers and frustrated employees. Here are some tips for establishing what type of phone system will work best for your business.

Staffing Considerations

To begin with you must consider the size of your staff now and in the future. Installing a phone system is not an easy task. Not only is it expensive, but it can be downright disruptive to your employees and their ability to be productive. You want to make sure that the phone system you install today will be relevant to your business five years down the line.

System Features

How do you intend for the system to be used? This is extremely important to consider, especially if you will be participating in conference calls or utilizing a voice mail system. Comparing the system features of numerous phone systems will help you determine which system will work best for you now and, again, in the future.

Multiple Office Sites

If you operate a business that has multiple sites on the property you need a phone system that can properly connect employees from site to site. There are certain hardware considerations that must be considered when dealing with multiple site locations. Each one of these locations may require this specialized hardware, which is not cheap.

Adding and Deleting Users

When looking at the features and usability of phone systems you want to determine how easy it is to add and delete users. If each one of your staff will have their own extension, how will you remove or transfer an extension if an employee leaves the company? You will also want to decide if employees will be able to remotely access the system if they are working from home or out of town on business.

Ask for Bids

You absolutely must contact several companies in your area to give you bids. Do not accept over the phone quotes. The company should send a representative to your office to physically assess the situation. This representative should sit down with you or a member of your management staff to go over every aspect of the phone system and installation processes.

If you follow these suggestions, installing and purchasing office phone systems for Bellingham businesses will be a piece of cake. 

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How to Start an Online Concierge Service

Online Concierge Service2If one is on a business trip or are new to a location, it can be difficult knowing where to go and how to get around. Fortunately, many hotels and other establishments hire a concierge as a visitor’s go-to expert on these matters.

Although traditionally a concierge sits behind a desk to perform these tasks, some concierge services operate on an online basis. You can do business much the same way with maximum efficiency if you run an online concierge service. (more…)

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The Space Between

Even with the slight success in running our program that has resulted in a small increase in the number of ideotags gathered for our guild, we are still deeply aware that the contested space of the city will not fall in line with our plans.

And so we find ourselves wondering at what that means for us, and for the intelligence we uncovered in the city.

We wonder if, perhaps, we have been to binary about this whole affair, breaking things down into discrete packets of zeros and ones, success and failure, black and white, people and buildings, urban and rural, life and death. We wonder if, perhaps, there is a space between these extremes, something transitory where the expected rules of systems break down into things that cannot be measured, only observed. We wonder if, perhaps, we should have been looking there all along. Will there be meaning? Will there be life? Can everything be encoded and sampled and endlessly repeated and simulated? Can we predict the future if we know everything about the past and present? Or do we all exist within that contested space between states of certainty?

We also wonder if, perhaps, the other guilds understand this – through intuition or study – and whether our gaze should be turned on them instead of the city itself.

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Breaking the code…

We were right to question where our gaze should fall. It should have, all the time, been focused not on the city but on the Crossmedia Ecologist and the Master Codemaker themselves. We see now, and our simulations back this up, that they all along have been working to prevent us from achieving our plans.

Where we were honest, they lied; where we hewed to transparency, they slipped into obfuscation; where we tried to bring something new into the world, they were content in playing with what was already there; where we observed and studied, they interfered.

This time is over. This experiment is over.

But we cannot allow it to be undertaken again – and we cannot allow it to be adopted, in part or in whole, by the others. We have run simulations on what they would do, and we believe that their influence would create a city hostile to the essential processes that a city needs, one which is built exclusively around play, or one which hides the true nature beneath layers of history and ephemera. And we, for our part, have seen it as a series of codes, deconstructing it into rules and fragments of information. This was a mistake. We three have all been utterly wrong. None of us is the correct way for a system – a city – to be healthy. Our simulations have shown this, our programs have shown this. As individuals in conflict, what we created was half-formed, howling unheard into the sky. The life that we brought into this world is incomplete, barely conscious, without rhyme or reason or purpose.

So we have decided to give it one before we can no longer support it.

Operatives have begun running a slightly modified program in the city – a tweaked variable, a few new lines of code, a minor function added – that will change the emerging consciousness. It has only a short amount of time left before it disappears completely into the dust, like all life, and we don’t know how long that might be. What we do know is that we can guide it, coax it out, make its tiny life burn oh so bright. It is not quite a virus, although I’m sure the other guilds will see it that way, but it is hostile – to all three of us, which they are free to take or leave as some small consolation.

It is time. It is time the city was left to its inhabitants, not to its observers. It is time that the process we began was brought to an end. It is time to leave.

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Does it come too late? Have operatives finally found a way to not only implement, but also become our initial program? We look on the number of tags being gathered and we wonder – was this always the program that was being run? Were we merely part of something bigger? Is it less that we are watching the city and it is in actuality watching us? Is it more likely that the inhabitants – those who we exhorted to gather & process, run and interface – were creating a system designed to show us something. Was it about life? About futility? About showing us hope and then dissolving it into the unknowable chaos of something larger?

As we look at the numbers, with 181 ideotags gathered, a rounding error away from the Master Codemaker’s 208, we wonder – is our program being run now? Is it, as we write this missive, stretching out again across the city? As we are considering spinning down our drives and flushing our memory cores, should we be doing the opposite? How much is being missed as the program is run without our observation? In these last few hours, are we about to see the big-bang we have been waiting for all this time?

We find ourselves hopeful. Without data, without information, without connection, that is all we have. Will that be enough in these final few days? We will see.

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